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Pet hair removal comb

  • Tyson

    Great windbreaker, super quality, great tailoring, dog adjustment/fitting, the fabric is gorgeous, of all the raincoats we 've had, the best buy. Definitely recommend.🔥🔥🔥

  • Anna R.

    I bought this for my cat hoping she'd use it, she doesn't even use the cat bed I have for her. Our other cat got in it first, but when he got out, she got right in. This thing is SO cute. You can close the little mesh part in the front, but I like it to stay open. The netting IS cut a little uneven at the bottom but that's easily fixable and doesn't affect anything. I will definitely have to buy another so my other cat can have his own.

  • Kayla

    The tent is exactly what I’ve been looking for! It’s very sturdy and made out of great materials. It was easy to set up. Immediately my cat jumped right in and started making biscuits. A great buy and I can’t wait to take my cat camping with me!

  • Sophia

    My cats absolutely love this! A friend has had one for years for her cats. I have 2 cats and they drink mainly out of this. I do still keep water down in a still bowl for them incase this runs out while I’m gone so they always have water. I highly recommend! Only complaint is that I have to replace the filter and they can be a lil more money than I would want to spend. It does come with a few filters.

  • Adam

    I love these buttons! This is my first time using these. Before writing this review, I recorded two buttons. The quality of the recording is good. The buttons work smooth. Installing my own batteries was an easy and very fast job. I have yet to teach my dog succesfully to use the buttons. However he understands a lot of what we're saying and hopefully it will become easier to understand him. I am very happy with this set!

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